The Mission is Igniting passion for Jesus Christ to change lives.
We are… A welcoming community
We are…Rich with history
We are…Spiritually empowered
We are…Learning and growing
We are…Family
We are…Mission driven
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Our legacy began in 1790 when the earliest lay services were held in parishioner’s homes. Shortly after the turn of the century, on January 4, 1816, the Rev. William Atwater Clark presided over St. James’ first organization, and the first $1,500 was pledged towards building a church. Eleven years later, in 1827, land was purchased and construction began on the original, white, wooden frame church. The parish grew, and in 1847 the first rectory was sold to fund the enlargement and remodeling of the building. Then, on May 30, 1873, the original wooden structure was torn down and the cornerstone was laid for a beautiful, new stone church. During construction, services were held in Legg Hall, and on January 6, 1874, the church we worship in today was consecrated.

The addition of the Robert M. Grinnell memorial sanctuary enlarged towards the end of the 19th century and into the 1900s, the baptistery was added (1886), the sanctuary was enlarged (1899-1901), and the chancel, with the oak altar and reredos built from the Rev. Frank N. Westcott’s own designs (1901). A new organ was installed in 1927 along with remodeling of the chancel and the chapel. And, in 1961, the side altar was constructed. The addition of the Parish Hall in 1959 provided needed space for fellowship and education.

The St. James’ legacy is one of adaptation, commitment and great accomplishment in service to the mission of God, but it is a story unfinished. There are still words to be written and blank pages to be filled with the achievements and success of our generation and the many more to come.


Over the past five years, St. James’ embarked on a capital campaign raising funds to repair, restore, and renovate areas of our physical church to make our space easier to accomplish mission ministries as well as more inclusive community programs. We have completed three of the four phases of renovation. The slate roof and above eaves have been replaced and restored to its historic beauty. The nave and chancel have been modified to enhance the worship experience and improve accessibility for all. And lastly, the chapel has been modified to improve accessibility and flexibility in use. Currently, construction is under way to complete the last phase to add an east narthex to provide a new handicap accessible entry directly from Genesee street and configure the core to include an elevator.
We are still requesting funds to make this last phase a reality. For more information on how you can make a gift and be a part of the exciting future of St. James’, please contact Becky.