Auburn Rescue Mission
With the partnership St. James has with the Auburn Rescue Mission, we have an opportunity to engage the tenants of the Merriman Circle neighborhood in Auburn. The tenants are in a situation where they have recently come out of homelessness and are living in the Merriman Circle neighborhood in an attempt to learn life skills and get a chance to start over.  Opportunities to interact with children include reading, game playing, or activity time for doing fun or creative hobbies or crafts.


 We are also able to spend time with the adults of the Merriman Circle neighborhood through cooking/nutrition classes, knitting classes or financial planning classes. Additionally, once a month we are able to help scoop and deliver a dinner meal to the neighborhood working from the Community Center.

The majority of these classes and interactions will take place in the new Community Center of the Auburn Rescue Mission

Several times a year there is an opportunity to be with the tenants outside the neighborhood such as a summer trip to Seabreeze, a Music and Message gathering where food, music and a spiritual message is shared.


Time required:

should plan on one hour of interaction time per gathering

Special skills needed: Just the desire to help others do the everyday tasks we take for granted.

Contact Mission team for more info:
Tom Schneider
Tina Stavenhagen