Confirmation Fall 2017-Spring 2018
Beginning in early fall of 2017, Toppie Bates, Priest Associate will again embark on leading a new class of high schoolers in learning more about the Episcopal Faith in formal Confirmation training.  This training is not mandatory but a choice by each youth to make a commitment to grow closer to God and develop a deeper knowledge of the Episcopal Faith with the hopes of putting it into action.  
Toppie has created a customized curriculum that thoroughly engages all the participants on their individual levels of faith. Each participant is required to have a mentor who walks this journey of learning and discovery with the confirmand providing guidance, answers, and support. The confirmation process takes approximately 10 months with classes scheduled once to twice a month.  
On June 11th, there is an informational meeting in the Parish Hall at 12 noon for families and interested youth. St. James’ is committed to being a resource for its youth and will continue to support their journey to a fulfilled and faith filled life.  
If you have any questions, please contact Toppie Bates at