Construction & Parking Update
As of December 7, the upper hallway that joins the main church with the Parish Hall is not accessible.  Please use the lower level bathrooms and the best way to access is the back, bell tower stairs.  To travel between the Main Church and the Parish Hall, follow the signage through the sacristy.  Be mindful of the steps and move straight through to avoid congestion. The construction crew is working swiftly to clear the hallway for Christmas.  Thank you for your patience.
Please remember that the Presbyterian parking lot (across the street) is PRIVATE and not available for use when attending events, meetings, or worship at St. James’ without express permission. Thank you for your cooperation in building a positive relationship with our Presbyterian neighbors.
During the week-Monday through Friday 8:30 am-4:00 pm, please enter and exit through the main church.  After hours and on the weekends, people should be able to enter the Parish Hall doors however be very careful as the entire paved area is a construction zone complete with rocks, mud, nails, etc.  There will begin to be construction during weekends.  Be mindful to watch for signage!
If you have questions on parking or how to get into St. James’ please contact the Parish Office at (315) 685-7600.  Thank you for your understanding and know that the new walkway and elevator will make a huge difference for those visiting the St. James’ building.