Be a Part of the First Flash Paddle on September
9, at 9:00 am in Clift Park. Our own EarthWorks is a sponsor!  Any questions, please contact Kip Coerper at Kip@stjamesskan.org.
Sustainable Skaneateles and partnering organizations including the Skaneateles Lake Association (SLA), EarthWorks, Climate Change Awareness and Action and North End Outdoors are “Taking it to the Lake” on 9/9 at 9:00 am for the First Annual “Skaneateles Lake Flash Paddle”.  Anyone with a paddle or oar powered watercraft is encouraged to participate – there’s no charge.  This event is being organized by local organizations to raise awareness about protecting our lake.


Skaneateles Lake is an unfiltered drinking water source for about 220,000 households, including much of Syracuse and the surrounding communities of Skaneateles, Elbridge and Jordan and serves as a recreational resource for swimming, fishing and boating.  Invasive species, silt, nutrients and pesticides, as well as blue-green algae threaten the quality of our water.  Awareness is the first step to ensuring we all work towards taking actions to protect this critical resource as both a drinking water source and a recreational gem.


Details on Lake access points and watercraft drop-off will be posted on the Sustainable Skaneateles Website and Facebook page.  Lake protection educational material will be available by our partnering organizations, as well as Cornell Cooperative Extension in Clift Park from 9 am until noon that day.


Sustainable Skaneateles is an ad-hoc citizens group seeking to foster education and collaboration within the community on the many inter-woven issues affecting the future integrity of our climate, our lake, our lands, and the health of our children. Further information is available for Sustainable Skaneateles at the website: 
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EarthWorks is the environmental ministry of St. James’ Episcopal Church, located in Skaneateles, New York. Founded on the belief that we have a moral responsibility to be stewards of God’s Creation, EarthWorks is dedicated to fostering ecological practices that will lessen our impact on the earth. Through prayer, discussion, education and action, members of EarthWorks seek ways to create an earth-friendly environment within their personal lives, their communities, and the world. Members serve our present and future generations by engaging in conservation, education, and habitat improvement projects. We are eager for all people who are interested in improving the environment to participate in our meetings and activities.
Questions, please contact
Kip Coerper at Kip@stjamesskan.org.
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