Holy Week Schedule 2019
Each year the clergy, musicians, and children’s ministry team, collaborate to create fresh approaches to the church
s most powerful and moving worship services of the year.  With attention to enriching the meaning of these liturgies while making them accessible for newcomers, they are kept within about 60 minutes for those with busy lives, and, made meaningful for children whenever possible.  
The events surrounding Jesus’ journey to the cross are so significant to us as his followers, that we devote an entire week to telling, hearing, seeing, re-enacting, experiencing, and LIVING those events along with Jesus.  Each day from Palm Sunday, April 14th to Easter Sunday, April 21st, there is something happening at St. James’ to enable you to enter into the drama of Jesus’ last hours and arrive at Easter Day changed by a deeper understanding of what God did, out of love for you and for the world, through His Son Jesus Christ.  Read over the description of these services and listen as the Holy Spirit leads you to participate on some or all of these days as a way to personally encounter your Lord.  
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday-7am
Start your day with quiet, reflective (and brief) worship. Gathering informally around the altar, hear lay reflections by Tina Stavenhagen-Helgren, Michael Larkin, and Brian Hidy, followed by the Eucharist.
Tuesday-7pm Stations of the Cross
A meditative and participatory service in which we pause to reflect on specific “moments” of Jesus’ journey to the cross as portrayed in Scripture.  We trace steps he took, listen to the agony he felt, and hear the stories of those who witnessed these events along the way.  
Wednesday-7pm Tenebrae
Light and shadows tell the story, as candles are extinguished, representing Jesus’ disciples abandoning him, one by one.  The darkness of the world seems to overcome the Light of Christ.  Yet the powers of darkness do not claim victory over the One True Light. This service of readings, prayers and song, invites us to contemplate Jesus’ experience as he anticipates the Cross.
Maundy Thursday
6pm -Fish Supper
7pm- Eucharist in the Parish Hall
          Walk to Gethsemane
          Stripping the Altar
On this evening, we relive Jesus’ last night with his disciples as he shared the bread and wine of the first Eucharist, washed their feet, prayed in the garden until he was arrested, stripped, and beaten. The congregation re-enacts these events. after which the bread and wine of Communion-Christ’s Body and Blood-are placed on the Peace Altar for an all night prayer watch.
8PM-6PM-Prayer Watch
Through the night, in one-hour intervals-we take turns “watching” and prayer-as Jesus
 disciples did in the Garden of Gethsemane.  
Good Friday
12pm Noon-Stations of the Cross (Community)
Beginning at St. Mary’s of the Lake, we walk through the village following a large wooden cross, pausing at various places where our lay leadership including youth lead us in prayer and reflection.
7pm-Good Friday Liturgy-Ellen Kulik Preacher
This unique service, spare in words, rich in images and action, lush in music, invites us to contemplate the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, following which we share in Christ’s Body broken for the world.
Saturday-Easter Eve
3:30pm Easter egg hunt in the lower level youth hall
4:00pm  First Service of Easter – A unique and family-friendly service that tells the story of God’s love for us from the beginning of creation across the sweep of history, leading to the joyful announcement of Jesus’ resurrection, with ringing bells and revealing for the first time the glorious beauty of the church decorated for Easter.  All ages welcome!
7am-Traditional Service, hymns and anthem
9am-Traditional Service, choir, organ and trumpet
11am-Contemporary Service with worship band