Katelynn Roffo-Ministry Intern

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

I am humbled and blessed to have been accepted into your beloved community and look forward to getting to know each and every one of you while sharing in this sacred community together.  It is by the guidance of the Holy Spirit that my sojourn with you all will begin in June 2018 as a Ministry Intern.  I will serve directly under the Supervision of Reverend Becky Coerper and will branch out to explore the vast amount of opportunities your spirits all bring forth to both our local and our global communities.

I was Baptized at two years old at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church on Tipperary Hill and then made my sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation of Faith at St. Stephen’s Roman Catholic Church in Phoenix, NY.  It is with great excitement and trust in God’s will that I will be Re-Affirmed in Faith here at St. James Episcopal Church on June 3rd with the other 16 Confirmands.  

I earned an Associates Degree in Science and Mathematics from Cayuga Community College and began working for Byrne Dairy as a Quality Control Ultra Pasteurized Laboratory Technician.  While working full time, I earned my Bachelors in Biology and Religious Studies from Le Moyne College in East Syracuse, NY.  This time was a very transformative and spiritually growing time of my life.  I completed Physiological Research under a mentor of Le Moyne’s Biology Department that went on to be published and presented at a national conference.  Concurrently I began working with a spiritual mentor in Campus Ministry.  Some of my most expanding courses were the Synoptics, Johannine Literature, Torah,  Islam, Christianity and Buddhism in Dialogue, Social Contemplative Ethics, amongst many others.  I then traveled to the Vatican City in Italy with the Religion Department at Le Moyne and over the next year of speaking with an SJ Father, Rabbi, Imam, and my Religious Department Chair I came to the decision to leave my job and encapsulate myself in the deep spiritual education of Seminary.  

This past year has been such an amazing, widening and prayerful experience and I look forward very much to continuing this discernment process with the warming hearts amongst all of you here at St. James Episcopal Church.  Spirituality and Mission are very important to me and I am a huge advocate for life.  I like to think that we are spiritual entities enveloped within this mortal shell.  Meaning, we are divine in the likeness of our eternal creator, even though this human life will cease to exist, Jesus Christ was incarnated for the sake of our salvation, and life in a new way will begin as this mortal life draws to a close.  

I will leave you with my favorite verse of the Bible, Matthew 16:26 of The Passion Translation, “For even if you were to gain all the wealth and power of this world with everything it could offer you – at the cost of your own life – what good would that be?  And what could be more valuable to you than your own soul?”