The St. James’ Nursery is staffed from 10:30 am -11:15 am
(Peace of 10:45 Service). 
Families are welcome to use the nursery at any time and feel free to listen to the service through the audio system.  
Please be sure to leave your cell phone number and fill out the information sheet prior to leaving your child with a staff member. 
Currently we are looking for caring individuals who want to help provide loving attention to our young ones.  
Every caregiver must be safe church trained as well as have a background check.  
If you have any questions, please contact
Emily Thomas, Nursery Coordinator
Saints In Training Center
This Week: October 22nd 9:00-10:15am
Game Website  —CLICK HERE
Fun Art Project: —Click Here
Check out Some YOUTUBE on the subject-Click Here
Cool Song You Can Dance To!  Click Here
Challenge Question:  Can anyone say the Lord’s Prayer without looking at the words?
Mission Possible Collecting for October:  We are creating 50 bags for the Food Pantry-please bring in granola bars, fruit cups, popcorn, pretzels, veggie straws-etc.
Upcoming Dates
October 22nd-Saints in Training & Advanced SS
October 29th-Saints in Training & Advanced SS
November 5th-Saints in Training & Advanced SS (All Saints Sunday)-Filling bags for Food Pantry!
November 12th Starts Pageant Practices-Do you want a part?
Send me an email and let me know what you want to have in this section.  
Middle/HS Youth Center
Next Meeting:  October 15th-Day of Community Service
Donations to cover costs of breakfast are welcome but not mandatory.
Check out what’s happening with Youth in the Diocese.
CLICK HERE or contact Tory & Kristen Blum at (607) 743-9229.
Happening for October-
Young Life West–CLICK HERE for the upcoming events at Young Life.  
Advanced Sunday School Center
We will be holding the Advanced Class in Sessions.  The Fall Session will be October 22-November 19th. All classes will be 10:30-11:15 am (Peace of 10:45 Service) in the Sunday School Room.
First Class:  October 22nd
Gospel Lesson:  Matthew 22: 15-22
Challenge Questions:  
  • What Liturgical Season are we in?
  • Who was testing Jesus in the Gospel Lesson         Matthew 22: 15-22?
Read Ahead for October 29th-Matthew 22:34-46
A little bit about the Gospel of Matthew
Matthew is the first book of the Gospels in the New Testament. Matthew was also called Levi, and he was the writer of the first Gospel. Matthew was a publican, a Jew who collected taxes for the Roman government. The Gospel of Matthew presents Christ as the son of David and the son of Abraham. Because He is portrayed as King, His genealogy is traced to King David; and the place of His birth, Bethlehem, the home of David. This book can be divided into seven parts: 1) The King introduced; His genealogy, birth, and his early life, 2) The principles of the rule of the King, the Sermon on the Mount. 3) The Authority of the King manifested and rejected. 4) The Mysteries of the Kingdom; the period between the King’s two advents. 5) The ministry of the rejected King. 6) The predicted return of the King; the Olivet discourse. 7) The Death and Resurrection of the King. The author of this book is Matthew. 
Parents Resources
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(Bible Gateway offers daily devotionals as well)
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