Due to the Covid-19 crisis, St. James’ Spring Day of Community Service is now a month of outreach and beyond. Many are home feeling frustrated that they can not do anything to help out.  St. James’ Outreach Team has done the leg work and found some very tangible opportunities for anyone. These service items can be done anytime!  St. James’ encourages volunteers to coordinate with others for tasks.  As everyone is isolated, call a friend to see if you can do an activity together on zoom. Let’s use this opportunity to reconnect! Take pictures and share with St. James’-email to Laura Posecznick at laura@stjamesskan.org.
Questions regarding any activity,  Contact:  Nancy Graham if you have any questions 315.317.0138
The most important thing should you choose any activity is to do it safely for you and anyone involved.
Keys to any of the activities below:
Mandatory Social Distance of 6ft or more
Wear a mask
Wash hands frequently/use hand sanitizer
Wear Gloves if possible
Wipe items down with sanitizing wipes
If cooking/baking:  please wear gloves, mask and place in containers that do not need to be returned.
If you have an idea, please contact Nancy Graham!  Let’s make a difference!
Good at Crafting
  • Make face masks for St. James’ Church stockpile for opening which can be sent to those who request one & keep some at Church for anyone who may have forgotten one.
  • Knit or crochet 8” squares for blankets, Call for details and directions – Christine Burgher: 315.673.2265.
  • Knit prayer shawls, hats or mittens , Call for details and directions-Christine Burgher: 315.673.2265.
  • Make bird houses to give away
Donations for Merriman
Donate personal hygiene items for Merriman Circle:
shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body wash, deodorant, antibacterial spray, baby wipes, Tampons, pads, etc.
These items can be left In the bin at Bill and Corinne Buterbaugh’s side porch near theIr garage, 103 E. Genesee St., corner of E. Genesee Street and Leitch, be careful of the hole at the bottom of the driveway.
Outside Work
  • Clean road side of trash and debris
  • BYOB (bring your own broom) to sweep a part of downtown, anytime In May, keep your social distance
  • Weed the Peace garden and around the church
  • Plant flower seeds to give to an elderly person, deliver when they start to grow
  • Baltimore Woods cleanup of Garlic Mustard – look on the internet to find a picture of the plant, pick & leave any bags of Garlic Mustard near the garage to the right of their main building, call Baltimore Woods If there are questions 315.673.1350, anytime in May.
  • Yard work or porch settling for an elderly person at church or In our community – call Nancy Graham for names and projects. Contact Nancy Graham with any questions 315.317.0138
  • Plants from Laxton’s to put on porches all month of May, call Laxton’s 315.685.6427 to  schedule pick up of 6 – 12 small flowering plants.  A note will be included and you can pick your own locations deliver.
  • Make homemade bread or cookies for a neighbor & deliver.
  • Make a meal & deliver to someone who is alone.
  • (St. James’ has names & addresses)
  • Bake cookies to deliver to SAVES or the Fire Department or essential workers – call ahead to schedule a drop off
  • Write letters or postcards & send with encouraging notes.
  • (St. James’ has names & addresses)
  • Ideas for St. James graduates and the class of 2020 – Contact Kim Driscoll, 315.685.6594
  • Teenagers – create motivational video or song to share – send to Laura Posecznick at laura@stjamesskan.org
  • Write a poem for weekly – send to Laura Posecznick at laura@stjamesskan.org
Traditionally, each Fall and Spring, St. James’ puts their faith into action.  One combined service is held at 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning and then the congregation is commissioned to go out and serve the community.  
This past Day of Community Service held on May 5th showcased the Holy Spirit alive in so many.  We had over 125 people at our 9:00 a.m. service sending out over 95 people to volunteer in over 18 areas. St. James’ volunteers swept the streets of Skaneateles, delivered bags of flour and sugar to the Masjid Isa lbn Maryam Mosque, created sandwiches for the Samaritan Center, stuffed gift bags for the children at Meachem School, baked and plated over 25 gift plates for community first responders and community agencies, worked on 2018 Christmas ornaments, personalized gift bags for college students, gardened at Matthew House, and so so much more! So many lives are touched by the efforts of St. James’ Community Service. Thank you again for actively igniting 
the passion of Jesus Christ to change Iives! 
The next Day of Community Service will be held in the spring of 2020! Be on the look out on how you can join in the joy of serving! Any questions on how you can participate, please contact Nancy Graham, Pastoral Care Team Leader at Nancy@stjamesskan.org or Kip Coerper, Earthworks & Habitat for Humanity Ministry Leader at Kip@stjamesskan.org