Earth Day Sunday Sunflower Seed Packets

CreationCare of St. James’ Episcopal church is celebrating the 54th Earth Day, April 22, 2024 and the 150th Arbor Day, April 28, 2024. Both of these planet healing organizations work tirelessly through the years to stop deforestation, spraying poisons on agriculture, fouling the air with C02 and oceans with trash. They also have programs in force all through the year to replant trees, eliminate use of poisons, stop use of fossil fuels, and new laws against trash dumping in oceans. Every living human can benefit by learning how they can to support these efforts or future generations will suffer. ReUse and ReCycle. St. James’ is giving away Sunflower Seeds on Sunday April 21th. The Sunflower is also the national flower of the Ukraine who are battling for life and freedom from a foreign aggressor. Planting sunflowers in your yard benefits the birds, bees and environment while standing as a beacon of hope and remembrance for God’s Creation and the Ukraine people. 





Apr 21 2024


9:00 am - 12:00 pm