St. James’ Kids at Home Worship Activities
This page is a resource for parents to work with kids at home to keep them connected to church and grow in their faith with Jesus.  These are just ideas and helpful resources.  Nothing is mandatory.  May your family be safe and well.  Know that Jesus is watching over us all.  Email Laura Posecznick, Children’s Ministry Team Leader your child’s artwork.  We would love to add to this page and Facebook.  (


ALL PEOPLE MATTER TO GOD!  These days may seem pretty scary for children and parents.  How do you explain the upheaval in the world?  We are still dealing with Covid-19 restrictions, protests seen on TV, and bad behavior and mean language is being used by lots of frustrated adults.  Some are asking, “whose fault is all this?”  “Why is there so much anger and meanness?”  As a person of faith, one possible way to talk to your child could be to focus on God’s love for everyone-no matter age, color, wealth, school grades, talents, etc.  Children (and adults) need to remember that God gave us the most precious and special gift-Jesus.  Jesus was a gift to all people, all races and all generations.  He was and is the great equalizer.  People are made in God’s image however not perfect.  We make mistakes (an understatement).  We can not accomplish anything without making Jesus and His message of “love your neighbor” at the center of all we do.  The world can appear scary and change is always uneasy.  Remember the world has been changing since it began.  It can be positive.
God made us to be His reflection. He wants us to reflect Him to the world, so that when people see us they see Him. And, He is the one who transforms our hearts so that we can be true reflectors of Him. Spend time with your children and families modeling “love your neighbor” behavior.  Positive change begins with each of us doing our own small part showing empathy toward others, kindness to those hurting, and always keeping Jesus in our hearts.


Let’s Pray!
Dear God, thank you for making people in your image. Help us to see how we’ve messed up and gone against your plan. Teach us what it means to be your follower. Help each of us to learn to trust you and follow you and believe in you. Thank you that when we are following you that you do the work of transforming us into images of you. Help us to reflect you to the world around us, so that when people see us they see you. In your name I pray, Amen.


Fun Activity Sheets
Peace Coloring Sheet  CLICK HERE
Peace Fruit of the Spirit Activity Sheet  CLICK HERE
Peace of Mind Crossword CLICK HERE
Workers in the Vineyard Parable Crossword  CLICK HERE
Tolerance Word Search  CLICK HERE
Congratulations to All Students who Made it Through Home Learning and a Special Kudos to the 2020 Graduates!
      Fun Craft Ideas
Father’s Day Card Ideas
It’s getting hot out! 
Make some fans with paper or paper plates!
Fruit of the Spirit -Peace  CLICK HERE
God made people  CLICK HERE
Being Brave and Peace  CLICK HERE
Good Samaritan CLICK HERE
God Reminds Us  CLICK HERE
             Fun Songs for Kids CLICK HERE
Veggie Tales Song God wants me to forgive
 Veggie Tales Song Acceptance
   Veggie Tales Song  Where is God when I’m scared 
Verses & Prayers
In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart! I have overcome the world.
John 16:33
Dear Jesus,
Always stay close to me when things hurt, when I am scared, when I don’t know what to do-be with me Jesus.  Teach me to calm and to breath in your love.  Thank you for always being by my side.  AMEN
No power in the sky above or in the earth below-indeed, nothing in all creation will… separate us from the love of God.  Romans 8:39
Heavenly Lord, You were there in the beginning, creating and watching over all living things.  You are with us now and nothing can stop Your endless love for your children.  AMEN
(The Lord) will cover you with his feathers.  he will shelter you with his wings.  His faithful promises are your armor and protection.  Psalm 91:4
Dear God, help us to trust you and not be afraid.  Just as a mother bird covers her babies with her wings to protect them, God will cover you with promises of love.  Look for rainbows in the sky, remembering the loving care of Noah and his family.  AMEN
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”  Mark 10:27
Loving Jesus, help us to believe in you, trust you, and look for what you want us to do in life.  Even when things seem impossible, show me the way.  Remind us that nothing is too hard when we rely on You Jesus and the lessons you taught us.  AMEN
Fun Crafts at Home
Salt Painting:  Paint a Cross
Items:  Construction paper, Salt, Glue, and watercolor paint
Using glue-draw a cross shape.
Place salt on the glue-lots!
Let it dry. (a good hour)
Use paints to dab color on the salt. 
Flat Jesus Around the House
As we are all isolated, maybe it would be good for kids to know they are not alone.  Have them make a flat Jesus and take pictures of all the places Jesus is in your house and even outside.  
Inspirational Rocks
Items:  Tempura Paint, rocks
Use your creativity to paint some rocks with fun words or inspirational sayings.  Then leave the rocks as you go for walks by trees, a neighbor’s yard, etc.  
Pandemic Hope Devotional
Hand Prayer-CLICK HERE
Kid’s Can Devotional-CLICK HERE
CHOOSE JOY-Older Youth Devotional-CLICK HERE
Recommended Movies for All Ages!                                   
        Wings of Life (Disney)CLICK HERE
         Oceans (Disney)-