Master Class Series at St. James Presents:
“Children and Youth – Breaking the Barriers to Access for Mental Healthcare”
The Master Class Series at St. James’ are lectures and panel discussions aimed at enriching St. James’ and its surrounding communities. It will focus on topics relevant to the struggles and challenges those in and outside of our community face today along with other topics of regional interest in business, recreation, entertainment and quality of life. This will be a forum whereby speakers, such as authors, health professionals and others with expertise, share their knowledge on a particular topic followed by a moderated Q&A session with audience members.
A reception with light refreshments would follow each event.
The Master Class Series is designed to support the goals of St. James’ Episcopal Church by:
• Strengthening connections both within and outside the parish;
• Increasing congregational reach by inviting new people into our church community;
• Having opportunities to collaborate with other programs and missions that could mix lectures with music and volunteerism; The Master Class Series would be offered in both the spring and fall seasons each year.