May 2021 is St. James’ Month of Community Service
St. James’ is being creative with Community Service Day during the pandemic. 
It is now a MONTH!  Below are opportunities to make a difference in the community.  Times to complete projects are flexible.
The key is to do things safely for the health of all. 
Please practice social distancing and masking.  
The best way to sign up is to add your name online-CLICK HERE
leave a message on the church voice mail, 315.685.7600
or contact Nancy Graham 315.317.0138,
Once you have signed up, you will be contacted with the specifics about the project you have requested.
We will make is very easy for you, you can do any part of any activity, for example you might purchase supplies, bake cookies, deliver items or just do part of an activity or…. you may have another idea. We would love to hear from you.
We all need to remember safety when doing any project; social distancing, masks and hand washing.
Families may work together or you can ask a friend and follow the necessary safety procedures or there are plenty of projects one person can easily do.

Projects can be done anytime during the month of May
*Items may be donated Saturday, May 15th, 10:00am -2:00pm
drop off in front of church

Bake muffins or cookies for ‘Our Friends at Home’ and deliver – 6 people
names and addresses will be provided

‘Baskets of Goodies’ for our service organizations – Fire Department, Post Office…
*donate packaged snacks or sweets, 6 people to deliver filled baskets

Chapel House in Auburn (men’s transitional shelter ) – 4 people for meal
prepare part of a meal (entree, green salad, 3 loaves of bread, dessert)
delivered Saturday, May 15th, contact Corinne Buterbaugh at, 571.215.6693
*donate twin sheets, washable twin blankets, towels

Interfaith Works – 
*donate -hygiene products – toothpaste/brush, shampoo, deodorant

Laxton’s Begonia plants – 6 people
bring a bloom to a neighbor or …. St. James card included
deliver 6 or more plants, pick up at Laxton’s or church, any day after May 22nd

Matthew 25 Farm – as many people as possible
help with planting any Saturday, send email to

Matthew House in Auburn, spring gardening – 4 people

Merriman Circle (Rescue Mission)
*donate empty shoe boxes with detachable lids for shoebox float parade

Ronald McDonald House
*donate pajamas – infants to adults, any size
*donate bottled water, granola bars

Samaritan Center
*donate – bar soap, deodorant, sunscreen (most needed items)

Skaneateles Outreach, Saturday morning, May 15th – 4 people
clean out the loan closet for future relocation

Spring Outside help for St. James’ parishioners – 6 people or 3 families
Lia Bates – outside spring cleaning
Sandy Fillingham – yard work and put away winter clothes
Gay Hembach – settle her porch and put in screens

Thinking of you cards or calls
names and phone number/addresses provided

Thrift Shop – volunteer monthly for 2-3 hours, or when you are able to help
Monday and Tuesday – 10:00am- 2:00pm, help with donations
Wednesday – Saturday – 1:00-4:00pm help customers in the shop

Please consider offering your care and support to our church family or outreach in our community.
We are uplifted when we give to others. This is a great opportunity to share God’s love.
The best way to sign up is to add your name online-CLICK HERE