Safety Guidelines & Covid-19 Protocols at St. James’
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Key Info from Diocese
Recent Updates These guidelines will be updated, and parish leaders notified, as necessary.
These guidelines are effective as of March 24, 2021.
Highlights of current guidelines:
● In-person gatherings for worship and other purposes are limited to 50% of maximum occupancy for the gathering space. Six feet of distance must be maintained between household groups. (Previously, in-person gatherings were limited to 50 individuals or 33% of maximum occupancy.)
● Decisions about whether to resume or expand in-person gatherings within the scope of these guidelines should be made collaboratively by clergy and vestry. In-person gatherings may not be appropriate for every congregation. Effective March 24, 2021; last updated March 24, 2021
Guidelines for singing at in-person gatherings remain the same: Singing is prohibited, except by one person per service who maintains at least 15 feet of physical distance from all others. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that the soloist wear a mask when singing. Participants should be informed in advance that singing, which poses a greater risk of viral transmission, will be part of the service.
Individuals who have received the COVID-19 vaccination must follow all masking, hygiene, and physical distancing protocols when attending church-sponsored in-person gatherings.
While currently St. James’ is not open for public use.  The space can be used if groups register with the Parish Office & Safety Task Force.  This page contains information regarding proper protocols required while inside St. James’ Church building.  Our priority is to always maintain a safe and healthy environment for all.