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New Schedule Developing for Fall 2023-Stay Tuned!
Laura Posecznick, Children’s Ministry Team Leader –
Children’s Ministry in Transition!  
St. James’ Children’s Commission is working on a full program of new offerings for ages 0-16 years old.  There will be specific age appropriate programs such as sensory play for little ones, Kid’s Communion Series, music & yoga integrating into Saints in Training, and stress-free Lakeside Teen Blanket with Mo, movie nights and game nights. AND so much more!  We will need volunteers to make all these happen-remember “It takes a village to raise a child”. Check back to this page and this website for upcoming information on summer special events and fall programming.
Any questions regarding the Children’s Ministry or if you are interested in becoming a trained teacher, please contact Laura Posecznick, Children’s Ministries Team Leader at
This Sunday, May 14! Last Class for the Season!
 This Sunday is Mother’s Day and Saints in Training’s last class for the season.  We will be making some Mother’s Day crafts, dancing, games, and watching a movie if time permits.  Laid back and fun! (Though I like to test them on what they remember!)
I want to express my gratitude to my assistant teacher, Kristen Baleno who was amazing this year. Also, thank you to my Saint Mentors Ethan, Lily and Paige-these kids are definite leaders.  And of course, all the parents for supporting our program this year.  We have grown a lot! We also have begun some new programming ideas that will increase for next year.  Be sure to check back on the website for summer events and fall programming schedules. 
This page below will have some resources helpful for parents over the summer.  As I tell the children every year, go home and make memories this summer and come back and share with us here at St. James’!  Lakeside Worship begins on June 11 at 10:45 am which I know is a hit with the kids.
Have a fantastic Summer!
Contact Laura Posecznick, Children’s Ministry Team Leader with any questions.
Saints in Training Class Schedule
May 14-Last Class-Happy Mother’s Day!
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