Sunday, May 22, 4 pm, Parish Hall *IN PERSON*

From the first centuries of Christianity to today, people have been creating and displaying sacred art. We have all experienced this art in houses of worship, museums, and our own homes. In this discussion, we will talk about our personal experiences with favorite pieces of sacred art: how they make us feel, enhance our worship and prayer life, and perhaps inspire us in our faith. We will explore works that have influenced our faith—in good and perhaps troubling ways. We will talk about Janet McKenzie’s Stations of the Cross which were displayed in St. James’ sanctuary during Lent. McKenzie has said that she presents people of diverse races and ethnicities in her work because “the essence of Jesus is about inclusion, not exclusion. Every one of us is created beautifully, mysteriously and equally in God’s likeness.” Were you personally moved by these images or other inclusive art? We will view some short videos and share our thoughts about how our sacred Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—can be portrayed in ways that deepen our faith and expand our vision of God’s Kingdom.