Fellowship is a key part of what makes our parish special.  We love to be together.  St. James’ has a full service kitchen and numerous indoor and outside areas in which to gather.  St. James’ encourages all types of groups to join together.  Leadership looks for ways to include more fellowship with each event as well as opportunities for interactive worship services. Fellowship is found in more ways than with food; we bond doing community service, singing, or just having ice cream.  St. James’ is actively growing its congregation and there are wonderful opportunities to expand fellowship events and create more small groups. If you are interested in forming a small group or assist in any fellowship activity, please contact Nancy Graham (nancy@stjamesskan.org) or Laura Posecznick (laura@stjamesskan.org).


If you are interested in our fellowship activities, please check out our monthly newsletter. 
There are lots of ways to help.  If you feel called to help in any area of ministry, please contact Nancy Graham (nancy@stjamesskan.org) or Laura Posecznick (laura@stjamesskan.org)

The following is a sample of some of our fellowship occasions:

  • Newcomer Coffee with Rev. Becky
  • Monthly Fellowship Gatherings
  • Volunteer Appreciation Night
  • Maundy Thursday Fish Dinner
  • Lenten Educational Series
  • Sunday Coffee Hours/Brunch
  • Romeo’s (Retired Old Men Eating Out Someplace)
  • Concerts
  • Confirmation Dinner