St. James' 2022 Vestry

Each Vestry Member Serves in a Ministry Assisting Volunteers. Below are the Ministry Areas and the Vestry Leadership
Buildings & Grounds: Anne Sveen (chair), Margie Amberge
Finance: Bill Spalding, Susanne Rynkiewicz, Diane Steckel
HR: Nancy Corl (chair), Amy Allyn, Megan Glass, Doug Smith
Nominating: Susanne Rynkiewicz (chair), Megan Glass, Doug Smith, Anne Sveen
Rep to the Mission Team: Mike Brown
Rep to the Re-opening Task Force: Nancy Corl.
Rep to the Thrift Shop Board: Becky Coerper, Doug Smith, (John Gilly from Finance), wardens as needed
Special Projects: Amy Allyn, Margie Amberge, Barb Burton, Diane Steckel
Stewardship: Megan Glass (chair), Mike Brown, Barb Burton 
Bill Spalding – Senior Warden (2020-2023)

I was born and raised here in Skaneateles. After a 10-year sojourn in Cortland where I met my wife, Molly, I moved back home. My grandparents and my parents were/are St. James’ members. I was christened and confirmed here. Molly and all three of my children were baptized in the lake here at St. James’. My business, Upstate Temperature Control, is based here in Skaneateles servicing HVAC Control systems for larger commercial buildings throughout Upstate. I am excited at the opportunity to give back through service on the Vestry.

Susanne Rynkiewicz-Junior Warden (2022-2024)

I am both honored and grateful for the opportunity to continue serving on the Vestry as Jr. Warden. I have been absolutely amazed at the faithful leadership and incredible generous works that are born of this ministry and all the team members’ efforts over the years. This has been especially wondrous in today’s unpredictable climate. For those who may not know me yet, I have been a member of St. James’ for over 12 years, and a member of the Chancel Choir and Finance Committee for around 8 years. Being a part of the St. James’ family and having the ability to sing and share any talents when called has been a frequent highlight of my life. Another highlight was the zoom wedding in 2020 to my wonderful husband David. I think we may have been the first of many to come. Thank you, Becky! As for professional qualifications, I have held many work titles which continued to expand over the last 17 years at the Ivystone Group in Exton PA (Remotely). I am now the Manager of Data Content & Systems Integrity. The many roles held have taught me humility, patience, empathy, honesty, tact, organization, logic, creativity and strength. Combined with an open heart and ears turned towards the Lord, these are the skills and experiences I will continue to draw on as Jr. Warden and a member of St. James’ leadership team. Finally, what do I envision for St. James’ future? Through careful leadership and receptiveness to flexibility and creative handling of everything life and this pandemic present to us, I foresee continued growth and expansive missionary efforts that will witness the Spirit moving among us and well beyond the walls of this church.

Amy Allyn Vestry Member (2021-2024)

I have been a member of St James’ for almost 25 years. My husband Dave and I had attended each other’s churches while dating, but began a search for our own family church almost immediately after our wedding. Father Skip was a real spiritual guide at that time of transition for us both. Every time I hear the welcome, “Know that whoever you are, wherever
you find yourself on your journey of faith . . . there is a place for you at St. James,” I am filled with gratefulness at our decision. Our family grew quickly and I ended my teaching career to focus on our busy 4 children ; Dave was traveling a great deal with Welch Allyn at this time. In these early years of our membership, I enjoyed teaching Sunday school and volunteering in the nursery. My involvement in the community has taught me so much and given me so many opportunities to witness the good and grace in so many people. It was insightful to be part of the grassroots organization that is now Matthew House, home for the terminally ill in Auburn. I spent 9 years on their board and a term as President and I feel I was part of the fundraising and planning team that set the home up for financial stability. For seven years I had the distinct honor of serving on the National Down syndrome Society. Though my responsibilities were numerous on the board, most notable was being part of the team during the execution of the TIME ACT on Capitol Hill. In 2015 this piece of legislation amended a previous act from 1938 which allowed people with disabilities to be paid cents per hour! I am most recently serving on an advisory board with InclusiveU bringing students with disabilities who want to experience college life in a fully inclusive setting to Syracuse
University. Together, Dave and I are currently co-chairs for the Finger Lakes Land Trust in their capital campaign. I have been so grateful to be able to help promote and preserve local lands that, especially during this pandemic, have become such a a safe outlet for so many! As I look back toward home, I cherish the greatest gift that is my family. My happiest days are in the
summer when everyone is at home and we have dinner together on the porch, sharing our love of food and the lake with extended family and close friends. ( and always a couple of dogs!) I have recently volunteered to read for services and to complete some small outreach projects with one of my daughters. It is such an honor to be nominated for the Vestry at St James’. I look forward to discovering how I can serve and support others and our mission, with your blessing.

Margie Amberge Vestry Member (2022-2025)

When I first moved to Skaneateles 16 years ago, the first thing I asked God when I got the key to my house was…“Where is Your house? He led me to St. James’. I loved the mantra of, “Whoever you are, where ever you are at, you are welcomed here”. I was a part of the worship team for many years, and currently volunteer at the St James’ thrift store, and making soup with the Martha‘s. I currently work at the Vermont Green Mountain coffee shop downtown, and absolutely love being a part of this community. I have one Son who was a Sgt. in the Army, served 2 tours of Afghanistan, and is now a police officer in Washington. We all need each other, and I love being a part of this wonderful St James’ family!

Michael Brown  Vestry Member (2022-2025)

I am a cradle Episcopalian who took several detours into various other denominations over the years. I am grateful to have learned many things throughout this journey, and most importantly that Christ is the head of the Church. I am a retired school librarian from the Marcellus School District. I have degrees in Music, Librarianship, Educational Leadership, and a 2 year seminary degree in Theology and Social Justice. Like my experience with various denominations, I am grateful for my assorted studies, and what they each contributed to my life. I have been married to Janet Brown for 42 years. Janet teaches voice at Syracuse University Setnor School of Music. We have two grown children who live in the greater Syracuse area. Janet attends Marcellus United Methodist Church where she is involved with music and various committees. We visit each others’ churches from time to time. Janet has sung at St. James, and I have preached at Marcellus United Methodist. I have been a member of St. James for 6 or 7 years, since just before the most recent renovation project began. I have volunteered with refugees for 8 years through a local agency called Hopeprint. At St. James I serve as a Spiritual Director, a Stephen Minister, and as the team leader of our in-person prayer team. This will be the first time I have served on a vestry.

Barbara Burton Vestry Member (2021-2024)

Hi, I’m Barb Burton have been a member of St. James’ for the last 10 years. I was raised in Camillus and married my husband Rick at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Syracuse in 1981. Rick and I spent the next 39 years attending Episcopal or Anglican churches in WI, CT, OR, CO and NSW, Australia before arriving back in Camillus in late 2009. I’ve been a member of both the
Praise Band and choir, served on the Altar Guild and am currently active with the St. James’ Thrift Shop, serving as board secretary. In the past I’ve served on the vestry and as Sr. Warden at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Eugene Oregon. I attended Keuka College and my professional career has included working as a medical social worker, veterinarian
nurse and medical receptionist. Rick and I have three grown, married children, one beautiful granddaughter and a second grandchild due in February 2021. I love to travel, enjoy outdoor adventures and reading. I’m very humbled and excited to serve on the vestry. I believe I can learn a great deal from those presently serving. As a vestry member, I will be able to give back to my church, the community and beyond Skaneateles. I look forward to this next adventure in my Christian walk.

Nancy Corl Vestry Member (2021-2024)

My name is Nancy Corl and I have been attending St. James’ with my husband, Jim, for the past twelve years. Many of you know that Jim is a retired priest, who spent his active ministry years entirely in the diocese of Central New York, which has given me a wide ranging perspective on the workings of our diocese. As you can imagine, when you are married to a priest, the workings of the church in the world are never very far from your mind, even as you pursue your own profession. In my case, that meant working as nurse and then as a Family Nurse Practitioner until my own retirement. We chose to come to St. James’ because my father’s family has longstanding connections with the parish. In fact, my father was an acolyte here MANY years ago and some of you may be familiar with Ducketts who still live in the area and are related to me. Over the years, it has always been interesting to discern what I felt God wanted me to do next, both within the church and outside in the world, especially in these trying times when we are largely at home. I never served on a vestry until I came to St. James, but I have taken part in many other church roles over the years. While some of my preparation for what I do is a bit different (for example, I doubt that many of you who have a spouse who reads Katherine Sondenegger’s excellent book Systematic Theology in bed and shares some insights with you), much is also the same. Through prayer and the daily
offices we do here at home, plus opportunities that are presented through email, social media and extra readings that we do together and separately, I try to remain open to God’s voice. I am currently one of the parish nurses and I hope to find new opportunities to make His will be more clearly seen in our world, in our church and in our personal and shared lives, going forward.

Megan Glass  Vestry Member (2022-2023)

Megan Glass has been a member of St. James’ Episcopal since 2008, joining the church shortly after her family relocated to Central New York. In addition to being married to Jon and mom to two teenagers, Kate and Ben, Megan works in communications and fundraising for a nonprofit that helps at-risk youth in South Florida. Megan’s love of animals, reading and the beach are three of her defining characteristics. In serving on the vestry, Megan hopes to give back to St. James’ in appreciation for the love, support and community she says she and her family received through the years.

Doug Smith Vestry Member (2021-2023)

My name is Doug Smith, and I was born in Syracuse, brought up in Skaneateles, and attended local schools. I graduated from the University of Miami in 1969 and moved across the street from First Presbyterian to St. James’s to marry my childhood sweetheart, Bev Fairs, that same year. Upon returning from our honeymoon, my 1-A draft notice was in our mail box. Consequently, the next several months were spent in training at Fort Polk Military reservation in Louisiana and I ended up in
the Army Reserves for the next six years. We moved to Auburn, where Bev was teaching, from Camillus and raised our two children there. Eric, 47, now lives with his wife , Heather and family, five children and three grandchildren in Canton, GA. Krista, 44, lives with her husband, Dave, and two children in Keller, TX. Bev and I currently live on Highland Ave. in Skaneateles. My 51 years at St. James’ include three terms on Vestry, two as Warden, teaching Sunday school, ushering, hosting numerous parties and gatherings, volunteering for capital campaigns and work days and the last 22 years attempting to sing bass in the choir.
Along the way, I found time to coach Little League baseball and softball, serve the community in the Skaneateles Sunrise Rotary Club, participate in the Skaneateles Community Band, drive for Laker Transportation Project (Laker Limo) and am a member of the Robert J. Hydon Post #239 of the American Legion. I’m a huge N.Y. Yankees fan and also follow the Buffalo Bills and SU sports, especially basketball. In my spare time I play golf at Dutch Hollow Country Club from May to October.
My business life was highlighted by 25 years in the kitchen cabinet distribution business, designing kitchens, as a manufacturer’s representative for coated polyethylene films, selling stainless steel polishing services to industry, and residential real estate sales. I even flipped a couple of houses which I remodeled. I retired in 2015. I feel that my extensive business background will offer a unique perspective to discussions and decisions which will undoubtedly have to be made during the next few critical months as we deal with the pandemic and its impact. My faith in God and His plan for each of us is the foundation for my

Diane Steckel   Vestry Member (2022-2025)

What a wonderful way to start the New Year being asked to serve on Vestry! My name is Diane and I am a long-time parishioner of St. James’. In my 30+ years at St James’, I have volunteered for many ministries at church. Each ministry, including Sunday School teaching, Outreach efforts, Altar Guild and Stephen Ministry has enriched my life and allowed me to meet great people. I live in Skaneateles and am married to Chad Steckel. We have 2 grown children Peter and Allison. A retired nurse, I currently work per diem at the VA Clinic in Auburn and volunteer at Matthew House. I love to keep busy so in my free time I am a member of the Junior League of Syracuse and the Skaneateles Garden Club. It would be an honor to serve on the St. James’ Vestry.

Anne Sveen-Vestry Member (2020-2023)

I have been a member of St. James’ for more than 18 years. I am married to John Sveen and have three daughters, Sarah (21), Mia (18) and Lily (10). We lived in Camillus for 20 years and moved to Skaneateles about 6 months ago. I am a pediatrician at Upstate Medical University and have been there for over 20 years. My faith has always been a significant part of my life. I was raised a Catholic, but came to the Episcopal Church about 20 years ago and found a welcoming community here at St. James’. I feel it is important to live my faith and participating in the church community is one way I can do this. In the past I have done this through my music or volunteering my time. I am pleased to be asked to be on the Vestry because I feel a calling to participate more. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity.