Cayuga County Jail Ministy


This year, St. James’ Church will be adding a new gift donation program for Christmas.  It is called Angel Tree and is organized by Prison Fellowship/Jail Ministry. It enables churches like St. James’ to buy and deliver gifts for children who have incarcerated parents.The gift provides a tangible expression of love which connects the incarcerated parent to their child.  One teenager  described the program this way, 

“Angel Tree helped mend our relationship because every time my mom signed us up, she let me know she wasn’t just thinking about herself that holiday. She was thinking about us, too. It made me feel loved and cared for.” 

St. James’ has committed to purchase gifts for 10 children:                1 clothing and 1 fun gift for each child.  All of the families live in Auburn. Please join St. James’ in this important ministry of love. 

Important dates for Angel Tree Christmas program

  • Sundays, November 13 and 20th
    Nancy Graham and Cindy Bright will introduce the Angel Tree Christmas gift program at all 3 worship services.  A small Christmas tree will be displayed at the back of the Sanctuary with gift tags that include the child’s first name, sex, age, size and gift suggestion (provided by their caretaker)
  • Saturday, December 10
    All gifts are due back at St. James Parish Hall, wrapped or in a gift bag with the tag attached. Gifts will be sorted and prepared for delivery
  • Sunday, December 11-Tuesday, December 20
    Gift Deliver volunteers will contact their families and determine the best time for gift delivery when the caregiver and child are home.


Ellen Kulik and Cindy Bright are members of an Ecumenical Jail Ministry at Cayuga County Jail, located on County House Road in Auburn.  Teams of 2 visit the men and women at the jail to offer prayer, song, support, devotionals, and study of the Bible. The goal in visiting the incarcerated mena nd women is to offer the presence of Christ to them. Besides their GED program, the group meetings are the only programming available at the jail.  Teh goal is to help them torun towards the Lord and move towards recovery.  
Volunteers willing to visit the men at the jail. 
People willing to serve as a pen pal with men and women incarcerated at the jail who are lonely and have very few visitors.  You will only share your first name with the inmates.  Guidelines are provided.
If you are interested in learning more, please contact Cindy Bright at
This Fall’s Book Study on Outrageous Justice has been cancelled.  Look for a new study in the spring.  If you are interested in reading this book, please contact the Parish Office for a free copy.