St. James' Table Top Talks (aka Foyer Groups)

What Exactly are Foyer Groups?

Foyer Groups are a fun and easy way for parishioners to gather together on an informal basis to enjoy one another’s company, to strengthen bonds of community, to meet new members and just get to know other people who share a common interest in St. James but with whom we might not otherwise interact. These groups are a wonderful way to get to know more people at church beyond sharing the peace during services.

There is no agenda or plan – just casual fellowship and a refreshing meal. Groups are made up of a cross section of the parish. Out of the meetings, friendships develop among people who might not have any other opportunity to meet and get to know each other. Newcomers are especially invited to sign up to join one of the groups. We will start with each small group of 6 to 8 people meeting once a month -March, April & May. The summer months are off for family vacationing but will start back in September. Your group decides on the day and time, and place. You can meet in homes or at church in the Lakeside or Parkside Rooms provide a warm atmosphere. Generally, the host/hostess provides the main entree and each person or couple brings one part of the meal. Some groups may decide to discuss a book or article, while others gather for a purely social experience. The choice of available options is limitless, and the main idea is for the gatherings to simply focus on fellowship, a refreshing meal and relaxed conversation. There is nothing more valuable than connecting with another. Foyer Groups were a large part of St. James’ fellowship and
welcoming ministries years ago. The pandemic isolated so many people, getting Table Top Talks up and running again is a deliberate effort to make human face to face interaction a priority. So, put away your phones and computers, emails and social media posts-join this easy and fun commitment of 1 time a month.

Sign up by calling the parish office or see Nancy Graham,

There are 7 Groups for the March/April/May Season. Next Season will begin in September. 

Sign Up in the Parish Office