Saints In Training Sunday School (Ages 7-11)

Sundays at 9am September-May

Mo Allyn, Interim Director of Children’s Ministry –

This ever expanding children’s ministry has developed into a fun, inviting, energetic and interactive way to learn about faith. This year’s curriculum will take our Saints through the life of Jesus. Digging Into the Life of Jesus leads kids in walking in Jesus’ footsteps from his birth to his resurrection and ascension. Kids don’t just learn about the historical Jesus; they get to know him personally. They’ll discover that Jesus is a real person—a real friend—who makes a difference in their lives today.

This year Saints in Training is incorporating children’s yoga, music & movement, and more! There are opportunities for classroom helpers throughout the year. Sign ups will be available.  For more information about Saints in Training, email Mo Allyn at or call the Parish Office 315-685-7600. 

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