Dear people of God at St. James’, 

As you read through the information presented in this brochure, please take a moment to reflect on how your faith and your relationship with God has grown and been nurtured at St. James’ and consider this question: what kind of growth do you imagine for yourself and for St. James’ in the future? Take a moment to think about that question. And then I want to share with you the vision that I have.

I imagine St. James’ growing in our capacity to provide a place where people of every age feel the invitation and find the opportunity to grow in the knowledge that they are loved and forgiven by God; to grow in their faith and trust in God; to grow in confidence in exercising their unique gifts; to grow in leadership; and to grow in compassion and the desire to serve God’s world. I even imagine St. James’ as a place that becomes a model for Christian engagement and community, where postulants and newly graduated seminarians would want to come to experience a wide variety of ministry and practice before going on to lead their own churches.

There is probably nothing that blesses me more than to hear someone say that they have learned and grown since making St. James’ their home and that they understand more about the Christian faith and practice, more about following Jesus day-to-day, and more about how to live as a person of faith in today’s world.  

I hope that you will review this brochure and prayerfully consider how you have grown at 

St. James’and how you can impact the future by Giving to Grow!
Becky Coerper

In 2022, we are all being invited to “give to grow” both in the short and long term by contributing to the St. James’ Foundation now and in the future. Your gift will ensure that St. James’ continues to grow as an active and vibrant 

Christian community, with parishioners alive in their faith and sharing 

God’s love with the world.