Through interest from many parishioners, St. James’ has formed a Racial Justice & Reconciliation Commission to do our part in the community.  This group of active volunteers meets regularly and is committed to sharing important information to St. James’ Family regarding Racial Justice.  Beginning February 2021, this Commission will share resource material here and within the weekly newsletter.  And every 4th Thursday, there will be a Zoom discussion group to talk at 7pm about the resource material shared for that month.  
Next Meeting:  Thursday, February 25th 7pm
Zoom Meeting Info:  Please contact the Parish Office. or Parish Office Phone (leave message): 315.685.7600
for the Zoom Meeting ID if you are interested in participating in the monthly meeting discussion.
February 2021 Topic
Letter from the Birmingham Jail-CLICK HERE
The Commission is also engaging as a group in Sacred Ground.–CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
Sacred Ground is a film and readings based dialogue series on race, grounded in faith.
Presented by the national Episcopal Church, the series invites groups to walk through America’s
history of race and racism focusing on indigenous, Black, Latino and Asian/Pacific American
histories as they interact with European/American history. Its purpose is to provide a prayerful
resource for respectful and transformative dialogue on race and racism. It is an attempt to be
responsive to the profound challenges currently existing in our society.
Groups meet for ten sessions to discuss the films and readings assigned for that session.
These assignments focus on key chapters of race and racism in US History as well as some of
the latest thinking by scholars and practitioners of racial healing, racial equity and whiteness.
They invite exploration of how people of color have been harmed by racism, and how white
people have been hurt in other ways, creating a shared, if deeply unequal, brokenness that
compels us to overcome this legacy in deliberate partnership..
The series, framed as a spiritual journey, is grounded in Christian faith. It is intended to remove
impediments that inhibit our understanding, so that we will be moved and can move others to
banish racism.