Music Team

Justin Oei, Organist/Choirmaster

Our Choir sings for Sunday morning’s second service, 9am “Traditional” service with organ.  They sing for Advent, Holy Week and Easter services. Rehearsals are at 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. An audition and the ability to read music are NOT necessary – you just have to enjoy the process of singing, working together and worshipping with others. Join us for the church year, or perhaps just for Advent or Easter. Contact the Church Office for more information: (315) 685-7600

Justin’s “Program Notes” blog is up and running – he will be using it to contextualize the music that the choir sings/plays each week.

The 10:45 “come as you are” service features contemporary Christian worship music, performed on acoustic and electric instruments.  The band rehearses at 6:30pm every Wednesday evening.  We are always looking for new singers and players.  If you play bass, drums, guitar, percussion, keyboards, banjo, mandolin, accordion, harmonica, flute, strings, xylophone or trombone, please consider being part of the worship band. 
Feel free to attend a rehearsal, or email Michael Larkin, Director of Contemporary Music and Technology at

Calling Musicians & Technicians for 10:45 Sunday Worship!

From the first big decision Michael Larkin, Dir. of Contemporary Music & Technology made to purchase an electronic drumset back in 2017 to Dr. Nicholas Kilkenny’s recent promotion to the newly created position of Assistant Director of Contemporary Music and Technology, he has been dedicated to improving the quality and consistency of contemporary music here at St. James’ by asking one question. What next step can we take that would have a positive impact on this ministry? For the past five years, the focus has been on quality, so now it is time to shift the attention to consistency. To achieve that, we need to employ the old adage “many hands make light work.” Specifically, it is vital to grow this ministry beyond the 3 or 4 musicians you frequently see at the 10:45 service on Sunday mornings. So if you are a singer or musician (especially if you play guitar, bass, drums, piano, brass, or strings), and you’d like to be a part of the music making, email or chat with Michael Larkin. The AV team is always looking to expand the list of technicians as well. If you have experience with a mixing board, that’s great, but if not, as long as you are comfortable with an iPad, you can be trained on the St. James’ system. Whether you’d like to join us every week or just once in a while, Michael Larkin would love to hear from you. You might be just what we’re looking for!