Did You Know? Last year I highlighted some Indigenous Owned Businesses, here are some more great businesses for your holiday shopping needs that support Indigenous people. 

Bedré – Bedré Fine Chocolate is owned and operated by the Chicksaw Nation. Each delectable product is a reminder of Native American peoples who first cultivated the cacao bean into the chocolate we know and love today. https://bedrechocolates.com/ 

SheNative– SheNative believes that real confidence and beauty comes from knowing who you are and where you come from. Their handmade leather handbags, jewelry like these beaded fringe earrings and accessories are made by Native artists through techniques that are handed down from generation to generation. https://www.shenative.com/ 

Urban Native Era-This Los Angeles-based company specializes in clothing design and content that strives to increase visibility and awareness of Indigenous people, like this super-soft oversized ref flannel shirt. https://urbannativeera.com/ 

Ginew– Ginew is the only Native-owned denim company in the world. Using Ojibwe, Oneida and Mohican heritage as a foundation, the company creates premium apparel and accessories like these versatile jeans. Ginew jointly crafted their first series of belts from their wedding buffalo, which was hunted, prepared, tanned and hand-dyed by them and their families. Ginew’s leather goods are made with pre-industrial methods, heirloom leather-working tools and vintage patterns. https://ginewusa.com/ 

Raven Reads– If you sign up for Raven Reads’ seasonal subscription, you’ll get a curated selection of indigenous goods, include a book written by a Native author, a letter from that author or box curator, a printed culture card to learn more about them, a literature-themed trinket and a craft. There’s also a junior subscription, for kids five and up. https://ravenreads.org/ 

B.Yellowtail -BYellowtail provides economic opportunities for Native businesses by featuring up-and-coming Native artists who create jewelry, accessories and other handmade goods especially for the company. Each item is a representation of authentic Indigenous designs and artistry. https://byellowtail.com/ 

Indigo Arrows– Indigo Arrows focuses on the patterns of the Indigenous peoples in Manitoba, including the owner’s Anishinaabe ancestors. While these patterns are usually found on pottery and bone tools, they now adorn home goods that are meant to be thought-provoking reminders of a rich heritage. https://indigoarrows.ca/