Did You Know? By Emma Cowley

Did You Know? Meet 11 year old Adhara Pérez Sánchez from Mexico City. Sanchez has autism and has an IQ of 162 which is higher than Albert Einstein and Stephan Hawking. (To give you perspective, having an IQ score that falls between 85-115 is considered within the average range) Sánchez has already obtained a degree in systems engineering from CNCI University and an industrial engineering degree with a specialization in mathematics from the Technological University of Mexico. Sánchez graduated from elementary school at the age of five and completed middle and high school in just one year. Her mom noticed that at a young age she had memorized the periodic table and even taught herself algebra. Due to bullying from students and lack of intervention from teachers she changed schools three times and became depressed. Sánchez has experienced many obstacles that she has had to overcome but her goal is to become an astronaut with NASA. If you want to know more about Adhara Pérez Sánchez you can follow her on instagram : @adhara.maite.perez.sanchez