1. St. Margaret’s Ecumenical and Retreat Center
New Hartford, NY
Individual and Group Retreats


Contact:  315- 724-2324   

Comments:  St. Margaret’s house offers space for private individual retreats and groups for up to 25. Single and double rooms have a desk and sink. Bathrooms and showers are shared. Speak with office staff about meals. Spacious rooms for sitting and chapel.  Holy Eucharist is celebrated on Wednesday at 12:00 PM followed by lunch

2. Chapel House
Hamilton, NY
Top of hill at Colgate University
Individual (or very small group retreats)

“Chapel House is a place for people of all faiths seeking deeper religious insight, and by those who acknowledge no religious faith.”



Contact person– Kathy Keyes

Comments:  This more modern style building has an attached chapel, full library, and comfortable sitting area.  Tasty vegetarian meals are included.
Simple rooms with a desk, private bathrooms.   Numerous walking trails with views. Located in a quiet section of Colgate campus.  2 night minimum. Covid vaccination may still be required. 

3. Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts  
     near Ithaca, NY
     Retreats for artists and writers, Individual and residency

“The Saltonstall Foundation supports artists and writers of New York State through two main programs held on our property outside Ithaca, NY:

The summer juried residency program (June 1 – November 6, 2023)
Subsidized, do-it-yourself “off-season” retreats (mid-November – late-April each year)”


Contact person– Lesley Williamson
(607) 539-3146

Comments:  Available for mini individual retreats during their off season.  Food is not included.  Shared kitchen and dining, living room area.  Rooms are spacious and include large desk and couch, private bath.  2 night minimum. Nice walking trails and view. Quiet.

4. Transfiguration Monastery
     near Windsor, NY
     Individual and Group Retreats

Contemplative Benedictine Sisters
small monastery in the countryside, with 3 nuns
“Offering hospitality to guests is a very important part of our Benedictine practice.”


Contact person– Sr. Sheila
Call or email the Monastery to make an individual or group reservation (607-655-2366); transfigurationmonastery@gmail.com

Comments:  The 3 nuns are very welcoming along with Ruby, their adopted dog. You may find her snoring during chapel prayers.   Attending Chapel chanting of the Psalms is an option (if vaccinated).  Food included. Simple rooms with a desk, shared bathrooms.  2 night minimum.  Some walking trails around the pond and long driveway. Quiet and peaceful.  Library and small gift shop.  Meeting with one of the nuns for a spiritual direction session is another option.

5.  Abbey of the Genesee
     near Geneseo, NY
     Individual and Group Retreats


Contact person– Father John Vianney


Comments:  Larger campus with multiple retreat houses.  The monks reside in a private area.  Attending Chapel of peaceful chanting of the Psalms is an option.  Food is not included.  Simple rooms with a desk, shared bathrooms.  Peaceful walking trails including access to the Green Trail along the Genesee River.  Quiet.  Bread and book gift shop. Check on minimum stay.  Meeting with one of the monks for a spiritual direction session is another option.

6.  Christ the King Retreat House
      Syracuse NY
      On top of residential hill with view

Individual and Group Retreats


Contact– 315-446-2680
email ctkretreat@syrdio.org

Comments:  Larger building (former monastery) with numerous rooms. Self-directed and structured retreats available.  Food included, comfortable dining area and sitting rooms. Simple rooms with a desk, shared bathrooms. Garden walking trail with view.
Quiet and peaceful.  Library and small gift shop.  Sometimes you can meet with someone for a spiritual direction session.  Sometimes there are services in the chapel. 

Info Note: For more details on the above retreat places, check out the websites above and you can also contact Christina Stavenhagen-Helgren-  stavenhagent@gmail.com
For more details regarding St. Margaret’s contact Mike Brown-