By Emma Cowley

Did You Know? There was a survey done in the fall of 2012 by the Pew Research Center. This survey found that Americans have a tendency to view racism in the United States by individuals as a bigger problem for Black people, versus a problem with racism in the nation’s laws. In order to achieve justice and liberation all aspects of racism need to be broken apart. There are four different types of racism that need to be looked at and dismantled in order to understand how racism isn’t just between individuals but also in our nation’s system and laws. 

-Internalized racism happens within us. 

-Interpersonal racism happens between us.

-Institutional racism happens within institutions and systems of power.

-Structural racism is racism among institutions and society. 

Take a minute to read this article that explains the four different types of racism and how it applies to our daily lives and why it’s so important to recognize it in our workplaces, communities and families.

“The Four Levels of Racism”