Wedding Costs

Costs for Weddings at St. James'

Members of St. James'

For the purposes of determining wedding costs, “St. James’ members” are persons who have been actively involved in St. James’ for at least one year prior to inquiring about getting married, and who contribute financially to the mission and ministry of St. James’, or are children or grandchildren of members.
A) If the Rector officiates, the breakdown of costs is as follows:
  • $200 – organist
  • $450 – materials, supplies, cleaning, staff assistance
  • The total cost to members is $650.

The total cost does NOT include use of the Parish Hall.

The Rector does not receive compensation for conducting a wedding. However, it is appropriate for a couple to offer a monetary gift to the Rector’s discretionary fund (to help those in need), or to the individual clergy, as an expression of gratitude.

B) If Episcopal clergy other than the Rector are invited to officiate, the Diocese of Central New York requires that they be compensated. The additional costs are as follows:

  • $130 for the wedding service.
  • $55 per hour for marriage preparation (4-6 sessions)
  • $105 for the rehearsal
  • Travel reimbursement at the IRS rate
  • The typical cost for St. James’ members when an Episcopal clergy other than the Rector officiates will range between $925 and $1025. The total cost does NOT include use of the Parish Hall.

Non-Members of St. James'

The total cost is $1,850

We have learned through experience, that guiding non-members through the wedding planning process takes significantly more assistance from staff and volunteers than a wedding for members. Therefore, the cost to non-members reflects this additional time and attention.
Please remit total payment (i.e. one check for all costs as listed above) to the Parish Office prior to your rehearsal date.
Checks can be made payable to St. James’ Episcopal Church.
For more information, and to set up an initial conversation with the Rector, please contact the Parish Administrator, Nicole Bova through the Parish Office (315-685-7600) or
*Please be sure to review the Non-member FAQ section on the main wedding page. Costs do NOT include use of the Parish Hall.  Click Here