St. James’ Children’s Ministry
God’s gift of youth is treasured at St. James’.  Youth of all ages are welcome and encouraged at worship.  From September to May, St. James’ offers Saints in Training on Sundays (a hybrid class both in-person & zoom) at 9am.  The nursery will not be staffed at this time.  Families are welcome to use this space as it is sanitized.  Saints in Training will be a hybrid format where children can zoom in or attend in-person (masked).  If you are interested in registering your child, please contact Laura Posecznick (
Two programs offered online are:
Saints in Training (PreK-Grade 5)-CLICK HERE
4WEST (Middle & High School Youth)-CLICK HERE
So much of the burden is on the family to teach and support your children.  Below are some links to resources that may help you when you want to take time to help your children learn more about love and Jesus.  Know that St. James’ and its staff are always here to provide guidance and support anytime.  
Parent Resources:
      Taking Faith Home Weekly Info Sheet-CLICK HERE                         
CNY Episcopal Diocese Youth Webpage-CLICK HERE
Young Life Syracuse West-CLICK HERE
Children’s Ministry Hub-CLICK HERE
Bible Crafts-CLICK HERE
Fun Christian Kid Songs-CLICK HERE
God’s Story Learning Videos-CLICK HERE