Green Corner – September 2022 | Fossil Fuels and Finances

Fossil fuels power our vehicles, control the climate in our buildings, and perhaps of primary concern – make plastics.  One of the reasons they are so ubiquitous in our communities is that fossil fuel companies are heavily subsidized by governments and supported by banks and financial institutions.  Fossil fuel companies need to be responsible for […]

Green Corner – August 2022 | Recycling

Recycling is complicated. Fortunately, New York State is one of the top 10 recycling states in the nation. The majority of residents in Onondaga County, are attempting to recycle. 51% of the material in our total waste stream is recycled. Over 65% of paper is recycled and a large percentage of aluminum as well. Plastic […]

Green Corner – July 2022 | Pondering Possessions

As citizens on a planet of finite resources, we have an obligation to each other to preserve those resources. Alas, because they seem so abundant, our corporations and governments have done a very poor job of managing them. Instead the mantra has been to use whatever we can to create a “better life”. What is a […]

Green Corner – June 2022 | Plastic and Microplastic Pollution

God’s green earth is suffocating from harmful plastic pollution – yet another harmful by-product of fossil fuels. Micro plastics (5mm or less, typically only the size of a grain of sand), are found everywhere – in our air, water, soil, and yes, in our bodies. It is estimated that each human being ingests 2000 particles […]