Songs for Creation

Every year, Creation Justice Ministries produces a resource to help congregations observe Earth day. for the first time, we have commissioned and co-written three original pieces of music that tie into the resources’ main themes.  As you prepare for Earth Day this year, we invite you to explore these songs and find ways that they can […]

Friends in the Garden

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a guide of plants that work well together and help one another grow healthy and strong. You might notice that some of these combinations also make good plate friends, too!   Have fun with companion planting. While some combinations are the result of scientific testing and knowledge, a […]

Doce Lume Farm: Gardening for the 21st Century

Our mission is to engage the Skaneateles Lake community in watershed protection and ecosystem restoration by converting properties to deep-rooted native perennial plants, filtering increasingly frequent polluted runoff from intense rainfall events and providing habitat to native insect and bird populations that are both seeing steady declines in numbers.   A 2023 study reveals that “at […]

The Wild Story of Manuka, the World’s Most Coveted Honey

This article was originally published on By Brad Daphne With all due respect to sauvignon blanc drinkers, New Zealand’s trendiest liquid export is something far sweeter than wine. Derived from the nectar of a native bush (Wleptospermum scoparium), manuka honey has stirred enthusiasm among health-conscious connoisseurs since the early ’80s, when a local scientist […]

Fossil Fuel Divestment and Why it Matters

By Kip Coerper Thank you readers for all of the steps you may be taking to address climate change and reduce your carbon footprint – recycling, driving EV’s, going vegan, eating grass fed beef, carpooling, buying efficient light bulbs and appliances, etc.  These are really important, and please share the ways you are making a difference […]

Green Corner – February 2023 | New Year Resolutions

Books to Read on How and Why We Care for Creation For the dark, cold days of winter, I would like to share a list of books to learn more about our present climate emergency which offer solutions that we can consider. A wonderful devotional book is Rev. Dr. Randy Woodley’s “BECOMING ROOTED – 100 […]

Green Corner – January 2023 | New Year Resolutions

A New Years’ Resolution this year could be to examine what you consume.   Everyday millions of products enter our homes.  Are they from environmentally responsible companies?  Are they packaged in unnecessary plastic?  Are there options of the same product being sustainably produced?  Consider some online research to determine where to shop. at […]

Green Corner – December 2022 | Environmentally Conscious Christmas Shopping

We all have an opportunity to affect the production of products that are not healthy for us or the environment.  You can support environmental change with your pocketbook.  Do you have to buy it new?  Could a used one be just as nice, and save you money?  Check thrift shops for clothing and housewares.  Check […]

Green Corner – November 2022 | The Inflation Reduction Act

Our Federal Government is now providing opportunities for transitioning to renewable energy and for being responsible stewards of the natural resources we are blessed to have.  The Inflation Reduction Act signed into law on August 16 has many financial incentives and rebates for us to reduce our energy use.  As gas prices rise, and pollution […]

Green Corner – October 2022 | Changing Your Carbon Footprint

Caring about God’s abundantly lavish earth is our responsibility for being good stewards of creation.  Each one of us can make a difference to impact global warming and a clean environment.  The environmental damage we are experiencing these days – polluted air, massive hurricanes, droughts, wild fires – are enhanced by the unfortunate reality of […]